From ‘AMEN’ to ‘there it is’.

Words are powerful. We all know that. Much more, thoughts are powerful. Our imagination is a tool which can be used to either create or destroy a whole lot of things; including our very own lives.

Our thought pattern has a way of having a ripple effect and eventually causes something. A progeny.

Well, I always love to be honest to amd with myself. These past few days, I’ve been checking my life to see how things are going and what the causes are. Lemme tell you wha happened a week ago. I was ill, very sick. It started as a skin condition, I honestly do not know the name, the cause or anything related to it. Strange. It lasted a little above 24 hours. Then by midnight I started feeling feverish. The fever lasted two days or three. I eventually went to the hospital where I got injections and drugs.

Reflecting on my life, I realised that I caused it. I actually prayed the illness into my life.

I remember clearly, in one of my pastor’s old messages (Pst. Usen M.J) before I joined the church, the SWAT-Spirit Word and Teaching. (kindly check our blog HERE, thank you.) He mentioned how that a lot folks pull dangers into their lives by themselves (well, I’m paraphrasing, its all in my head, so I’m tryna get them out in words that are comprehensible) Likewise, other people make their lives better as a result of their prayers. This is to attest that your prayers are not just the words of your mouth; but also what runs through your mind. Your thought pattern from ‘AMEN’ to ‘there it is’.

I’ll digress. I’m very sure that there are folks that as soon as they are done praying in words; check their lives, it was as though they never believed all along. What they do is go back to their old belief system. Apparently, your prayer is supposed to be a reflection of what’s truly on your heart. So there’s some sort of hypocrisy. So here is someone praying, Lord I need that company to sign my contract, the next minute I’m saying, I know that company never signs contracts of strangers. Bla bla and bla. Lemme ask you something: ‘why the hell are you praying in the first instance wasting your airtime tryna communicate in hypocrisy, when you fully know the [lie that you’ve chosen to appear to you as] truth?’

The scripture is crystal clear. I’m pretty sure God made the bible available for us; not for him but for our use. Of what use is our prayer if we would leave the place of prayer, and turn to our old ways of thinking of impossibilities.

I think that we can choose not to be tossed to and fro like babies and take charge of our very lives. As a matter of truth, our normal state of being is that of dominion.

James 1 vs 6 makes it clear that the one who wavers or doubts is like the billowing surge out at sea that is blown hither and thither by the wind.

Hey, I’ve not forgotten to mention how I pulled the illness into my life. I’m definitely going to do that. But before then, it’s essential I make some things clear.

Now we all know that it’s possible to be blown by the breeze or wind-whichever.

I’m sure no one wants to be the one that is always being swept off his/her feet as soon as the wind starts blowing. Literally. I mean, literally. Just imagine. No. That’s being feeble. That’s being unstable.

The man who is unstable in his ways is the one who has two minds. Right now, he’s thinking he’s safe in the bus, the next minutes he’s shivering, scared to teeth that he might soon die of a bus accident and he nurtures this thought. Truth is, he shouldn’t surprised if he ends his life in a bus accident. James 1 vs 7 says such a man should not think he will receive anything he asks for from the Lord.

Matthew 7 vs 7 keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you. vs 8 for everyone who keeps on asking receives; and he who keeps on seeking finds; and to him who keeps on knocking, the door will be opened.

I kukuma love Jesus. you know why. Because he’s a man for all. He loves all, cares about everyone and teaches principles that apply to every human being.

I love instances when Jesus chooses his words like this matt 7 vs 7-8. He didn’t say only Christians or only Jews or only pharisees that ask; he says everyone.

Truth is everyone is a believer in their own ways. What you believes works for you (eventually).

Lemme add my own, ‘keep on imagining and your imagination will be created into reality; keeping on thinking on the same thing over and over and you will create a pattern into your life’.

Paul wasn’t kidding when he said that we should fix our attention on God and we’ll be changed from the inside out. He wasn’t joking as well when he said you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, authentic and gracious.

Many weeks ago, over a period of days, I was always thinking of ‘Seventh Day Adventist Hospital. I would allow it fill my mind, sometimes unconsciously, some other times in a subtle conscious way. This was how I pulled the fever into me. I didn’t see it coming but it happened anyways. I eventually in real life had to go to seventh day hospital in Ile-Ife for treatment. Amazingly, that period, the nurses in the general hospital (OAUTH- teaching hospital) were on strike + OAU’s health centre, I heard was on strike as well.

One of the things that matter most to me is my mind, I guard it a lot. But I’m glad I learnt something new about what my mind is capable of doing.

In addition, I’ve learnt to channel my mind to go use. There’s absolutely no point dwelling on thoughts that are havoc and turning around eventually to fix things; when what needs to be fixed is from inside.

I sincerely hope that you learnt something new. Better still, you got reminded of things you knew before.

I’m living my life intentionally.

I want you to do the same.

I matter.

You matter.

You are valuable.

Thank you for reading through.

Human Relations.

Truth is, some humans do not know that what they are doing is actually wrong, so they keep doing what they do. As long as you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you’ll keep getting the same result. If you want a change in result, change your ways, change what you do. Better still, how you do it.

In relating with people, some humans have lost dear friends and family members, not to death.

There is this thing -quite immature- that some people do. It’s people calling you up out of the blues to tell you, SCRATCH THAT, to ACCUSE you of not calling them in a long while.

One of the things I strongly hate is condemnation. I can literally not go to a place anymore because someone always says something condemning to me, or around me. I’ve done it before.

Argh! I guard my mind too jealously. I’ll prefer nothing comes into my mind, through listening, reading or whatever; than to have my mind disturbed, polluted or feel condemned. Honestly.

As regards those kinds of calls or text, my response usually goes along the line of; sincere apology or no apology; and making the other party see reasons why I also deserve a friendly call as well and not a call of accusation.

Over time, I realized that people don’t call me often. At first I would sulk but I wasn’t getting any result.

I think that there are two attitude we can always put up in cases like this. You can be sincere and real with which ever you choose. They are the I-DON’T-CARE ATTITUDE and the I-REALLY-DO-CARE ATTITUDE.

Truth is, I make use of the two. I’ve made myself understand that I honestly really do not care whether anybody calls me or not. But I really do care about my friends, family and all and definitely make sure I reach out to them per time. It gives me a sense of responsibility.

Beyond this, I make my friends know that I carry them in my spirit. So when I do not call for days, they definitely understand that I care and do not mean to be mean by not reaching out to them.

Everyone is always busy doing one thing or the other. Family is important. Friends are the most valuable resources, treasures and gift that we have as humans on the planet earth.

Treat people with value.

You can consciously create time out to call people. For instance, every Friday evening or Saturday evening. You can check tariff plans that are cheaper.  You can create a budget per month for call cards. You can send texts bi-weekly or per month.

Little drops make the mighty ocean.

Your people matter.

You matter.

It’s SpiriToria in the building.
I know it has been a very long time I blogged. I’ve created excuses upon excuses and tried to avoid people’s questions as to why I just abandoned my blog.

I guess I didn’t believe in myself as much as some of my friends did. I know I’m smart and all and I think I have great content on a everyday meet up; but I just always thought I don’t have content for my blog.

Then, I’d think; ‘is my blog worth the read’ well, Yes.

Another reason I abandoned my blog all the while was fear. Oh, people who meet me most likely would think I don’t fear a thing, *at least, some folks have made me know so* I feared that I didn’t want to be seen. I really like my private life and all.

This private life of mine of not wanting anybody know the things I do have landed me in a lot of hot mess that I’ve confidently avoided. To be realistic, I thought it through and felt that I can’t continue this way. Better still, get my ass off and get things done and still live my cozy, private, happy life i have always wanted.

Today, I’ll like to share on ‘getting things done’.

I’ll explain how it works for me as well.

To be honest, I realized that I tend to procrastinate a lot. SCRATCH THAT. I actually used to procrastinate a lot. I ended up always having to work under pressure when the deadline is staring at me dead in the face. I couldn’t continue living that life. Apparently, I was good at planning and most likely never getting a 100 percent of it done.

What I did that helped was, each day, I’ll write out my to do list and set time to get each done. So far, I beat my to do list 90 percent often times. I make it very flexible because I honestly do not like a rigid life and end up being so predictable.

Another thing I’ll like to share is something I noticed that people around complain about. That’s the issue of having too many whatsapp messages to attend to. Weeeeell, for me, the way it works is, I set time to reply all messages at the same time. On a very busy day, I attend to only extremely important messages and postpone responses of less important messages to later days in the week. I definitely make sure that I don’t leave anyone hanging for more than a week except on cases when my subscription plan is off. Also, I make sure to apologise for late responses or delayed ones. This shows a sense of responsibility on my part. I make sure to create an image of a responsible being that I am. It matters to people. People need to feel that they are worthy of respect. Actually, humans should be respected.

I sincerely hope not to run away afterwards.

Thank you for reading through.

Little Fish

This Is The SWAT

There once lived a queer little fish in the atlantic

It could never be still

Inside the river it would panic

Never with the water have his fill

“I need to manage the water” he said

“If I don’t, I could drink it all up”

Then one day his rantings the ocean heard

The ocean laughed, and down his temperature did drop

“Before you were, I am” said the ocean

“Now that you’re here I am” he continued

“Drink all you want, to my abundance, bring submission”

“Because many more years after you’ve gone, I would be here laughing at you”

Mosttimes, we’re like the Fish, constantly limiting God in our minds.

PS: Before you came on the scene, he was here… After you’ve gone, he’ll remain. Enjoy his abundance.

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On Matt 5:28

This Is The SWAT

I have read Matthew 5:28 so many times, because I have read the chapter, its succeeding chapter and the one after that many more times than almost any other chapter. Reason is because, those were Jesus’ longest recorded sermon. I am a very big fan of that man. Many of you know.
However, when I read His words I am also careful of the fact that he too was just a man. Influenced by the prevalent thoughts in his days, having to renew his mind like any of us.
Let me digress a little
if you observe anybody, you will see all their influences summed up into their lives. You can tell a Scripture Union sister or brother from their dressing, body or clothes fragrance or from even what they say. We are beings of influence. Paul says we are epistles…Some sort of open book showing all the things we…

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The Rapist and the Raped…they both need healing.

Ever since I received my healing after many days if emotional depression due to accumulated “junks”, I’ve learnt to see things and see people in a different perspective, entirely. I remember, it was during and after those period that God revealed some great stuffs to me. A normal mind may not understand them. It takes an ABnormal mind; an above-normal mind; to understand, maybe. I just feel, it may not be “reasoned” along with at first-hearing but all the same, I’ll share it.
I remember reading one great woman’s story on the Internet. I was sitting at the Faculty of Law basement, waiting for my brother. (Really, every time is useful for something useful and profitable. You can read your mails while waiting on the queue or read an e book while in the bus. Time is an essential resource). While waiting, I surfed the Web and read this woman’s story of how she was raped; gang-raped! Before she was gang-raped, she had been abused under her parents roof, then she was gang-raped at two different occasions. My heart literally bled. I had to hold my tears. I felt pain. Though, not as much as she went through but I could feel a bit of the hurt at least.
There and then, God ministered to me. He said, both the raped and the rapist need healing. That ‘wowed’ me. Really! Then, though, I was learning some stuffs from God ’bout emotional healing and he gave me that. I remember He opened my eyes to see that He loves both the raped and the rapist. He does not condemn the rapist. The words came this way, “I love both the raped and the rapist. I do not condemn the rapist. Condemnation will not work for either of them. They both need healing”
Then the thought came; “A right thinking man would play the blame game and put it on the rapist. I came to understand that if nothing is done about the raped, she might end up being a rapist on the long-run.
The rapist became one as a result of something(s). I want to assume that these may be some of the reasons, or causes, as the case may be;
  • S/he had been abused and it affected her/him so much that all s/he wants to do is to revenge.
  • Wrong association.
  • Bad influence.

I really wanna believe that there are several causes, but these are just the ones that my mind can think of.

The rapist and the Raped both need the love of God in their heart. As a matter of fact, Jesus died for the world, both of them non-exclusive. The rapist needs not to condemn himself. He needs to forgive himself. I remember the woman who shared her story. She said that the raped should not blame themselves for being raped, no matter what. I feel there really must be some people that blame themselves for being raped before she could have mentioned that. Therefore, both the raped and the rapist should not play the blame game, it won’t help.
I came realize also that the devil at one point fed the rapist with some lies which he lived by. The person who was raped also needs to be careful not to receive the devil’s lie. Really, lies hold one in captive. Anything less than the truth puts one in bondage.
Praise be unto God who gave his son unto us to bring good news to the suffering and afflicted. He comforts the broken-hearted, announces liberty to the captives and to open the eyes of the blind. Isaiah 61vs1 declares that.
I got the revelation of John 8 vs 32 in a new light. Glory be to God. TLB (The Living Bible) says “and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”
I used to understand John 8 vs 32 in the light of “When you know the truth, the truth about God’s righteousness, nature and your realities, you’ll be set free from the bondage of the law” This is why I said I got it in a new light. So this is the new light, “a person going through emotional trauma has been fed with lies along the line. Thus, when the knowledge of truth cones unto the person, he is free from those lies. He therefore now lives with the consciousness of the truth he got” Glory!
My musings, thoughts and writings are subject to revelation, experience and knowledge. Sharing your knowledge will do more good. Let’s learn from one another. Share your knowledge in the comment box below.
Thanks for reading. You’re deeply loved.

Once God Died

I’m KingsWord.
I’m C-Lite Club.
I’m HillSong.
This spoken word was delivered in church today. Amazingly, it’s been uploaded online. I can’t but share.

Cre8ive Light

Once God died, Suspended between heaven and earth
Blood, sweat and water all dripped
At the Junction where eternity stood still
Hanging there for all of heaven and hell to See
The Form of what used to resemble a Man’s Piece

Faces hung around the crowd in despair
Nothingcould be as cold and cruel to the heart
Than to see their last remaining shred of hope
Hanging with as little as the thread of a rope.
In hush and huddled voices they said
We thought this was where all our sorrows will come to rest

Raging clouds moan and groan in the distant
Despair like darkness hangs over the land
An Angel’s tear, A demon’s grin, A mother’s heart wrenching cry
A father’s back turned towards the one who made him smile
Flashes of lightening, Clouds heralding a storm
The very fabrics holding earth all torn
The heavens closed, Hell…

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