From ‘AMEN’ to ‘there it is’.

Words are powerful. We all know that. Much more, thoughts are powerful. Our imagination is a tool which can be used to either create or destroy a whole lot of things; including our very own lives.

Our thought pattern has a way of having a ripple effect and eventually causes something. A progeny.

Well, I always love to be honest to amd with myself. These past few days, I’ve been checking my life to see how things are going and what the causes are. Lemme tell you wha happened a week ago. I was ill, very sick. It started as a skin condition, I honestly do not know the name, the cause or anything related to it. Strange. It lasted a little above 24 hours. Then by midnight I started feeling feverish. The fever lasted two days or three. I eventually went to the hospital where I got injections and drugs.

Reflecting on my life, I realised that I caused it. I actually prayed the illness into my life.

I remember clearly, in one of my pastor’s old messages (Pst. Usen M.J) before I joined the church, the SWAT-Spirit Word and Teaching. (kindly check our blog HERE, thank you.) He mentioned how that a lot folks pull dangers into their lives by themselves (well, I’m paraphrasing, its all in my head, so I’m tryna get them out in words that are comprehensible) Likewise, other people make their lives better as a result of their prayers. This is to attest that your prayers are not just the words of your mouth; but also what runs through your mind. Your thought pattern from ‘AMEN’ to ‘there it is’.

I’ll digress. I’m very sure that there are folks that as soon as they are done praying in words; check their lives, it was as though they never believed all along. What they do is go back to their old belief system. Apparently, your prayer is supposed to be a reflection of what’s truly on your heart. So there’s some sort of hypocrisy. So here is someone praying, Lord I need that company to sign my contract, the next minute I’m saying, I know that company never signs contracts of strangers. Bla bla and bla. Lemme ask you something: ‘why the hell are you praying in the first instance wasting your airtime tryna communicate in hypocrisy, when you fully know the [lie that you’ve chosen to appear to you as] truth?’

The scripture is crystal clear. I’m pretty sure God made the bible available for us; not for him but for our use. Of what use is our prayer if we would leave the place of prayer, and turn to our old ways of thinking of impossibilities.

I think that we can choose not to be tossed to and fro like babies and take charge of our very lives. As a matter of truth, our normal state of being is that of dominion.

James 1 vs 6 makes it clear that the one who wavers or doubts is like the billowing surge out at sea that is blown hither and thither by the wind.

Hey, I’ve not forgotten to mention how I pulled the illness into my life. I’m definitely going to do that. But before then, it’s essential I make some things clear.

Now we all know that it’s possible to be blown by the breeze or wind-whichever.

I’m sure no one wants to be the one that is always being swept off his/her feet as soon as the wind starts blowing. Literally. I mean, literally. Just imagine. No. That’s being feeble. That’s being unstable.

The man who is unstable in his ways is the one who has two minds. Right now, he’s thinking he’s safe in the bus, the next minutes he’s shivering, scared to teeth that he might soon die of a bus accident and he nurtures this thought. Truth is, he shouldn’t surprised if he ends his life in a bus accident. James 1 vs 7 says such a man should not think he will receive anything he asks for from the Lord.

Matthew 7 vs 7 keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you. vs 8 for everyone who keeps on asking receives; and he who keeps on seeking finds; and to him who keeps on knocking, the door will be opened.

I kukuma love Jesus. you know why. Because he’s a man for all. He loves all, cares about everyone and teaches principles that apply to every human being.

I love instances when Jesus chooses his words like this matt 7 vs 7-8. He didn’t say only Christians or only Jews or only pharisees that ask; he says everyone.

Truth is everyone is a believer in their own ways. What you believes works for you (eventually).

Lemme add my own, ‘keep on imagining and your imagination will be created into reality; keeping on thinking on the same thing over and over and you will create a pattern into your life’.

Paul wasn’t kidding when he said that we should fix our attention on God and we’ll be changed from the inside out. He wasn’t joking as well when he said you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, authentic and gracious.

Many weeks ago, over a period of days, I was always thinking of ‘Seventh Day Adventist Hospital. I would allow it fill my mind, sometimes unconsciously, some other times in a subtle conscious way. This was how I pulled the fever into me. I didn’t see it coming but it happened anyways. I eventually in real life had to go to seventh day hospital in Ile-Ife for treatment. Amazingly, that period, the nurses in the general hospital (OAUTH- teaching hospital) were on strike + OAU’s health centre, I heard was on strike as well.

One of the things that matter most to me is my mind, I guard it a lot. But I’m glad I learnt something new about what my mind is capable of doing.

In addition, I’ve learnt to channel my mind to go use. There’s absolutely no point dwelling on thoughts that are havoc and turning around eventually to fix things; when what needs to be fixed is from inside.

I sincerely hope that you learnt something new. Better still, you got reminded of things you knew before.

I’m living my life intentionally.

I want you to do the same.

I matter.

You matter.

You are valuable.

Thank you for reading through.

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